Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Disposition

Weirdly enough I woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm went off and felt completely awake despite only having about 6 1/2 hours of sleep. I was starving and quickly consumed a steamy bowl of oats.
1/3 cup of oats, w/ 1/2 banana, & almond butter

I've been too lazy to make it to the grocery lately so I have been guilty of frequenting Starbucks far too often & tossing away one too many venti plastic cups. Can you tell where I am in this photo?

Venti ice coffee w/ sf hazelnut & soy milk

Tanning salon! I know, I know tanning beds are so bad for you... I just hate being pasty & all of that artificial sunlight always gives me an endorphin boost. I listened to Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition on Pandora with my phone while tanning. This song always puts me in the best mood : ) I use Pandora everywhere- on my phone by the pool or on my computer in my room, anywhere music can be played.

For lunch I brought these packed eats to school:

Grilled zuchinni, sweet mustard, tofurky, soy cheese, and vegenaise, on ezekiel bread.

Sandwich hanging out next to a fuji apple.
Later on in the library I also had a luna lemon zest bar. This bar really seemed to lighten up the dark & dreary library.
By the time dinner rolled around I was ravenous. Decided to make this TJ's stir fry that has been hanging out in my fridge for way to long.

I beefed it up with TJ's chicken-less strips. I always buy these but rarely use them, I'm not sure why though because they were pretty tasty.

I switched up the sauce a bit because the sauce that comes with it usually is too sweet for my taste. In a blender I put 1/4 package silken tofu, miso paste, a splash of vegetable broth, and black bean and garlic sauce. It tasted awful at first so I gave in and added the packaged sauce to it. It was still a little off. Finally I added a bunch of sriracha and it tasted delish. Ohh sriracha how I love you.

Like my pretty plating?

I ate most of this even the though the package said 3 servings. What can I say? I was hungry. Hope you have had a great day.


  1. Love the sriracha decoration! :)

  2. i remember you were the one 2 summers ago who got me into trader joe's :)

  3. i'm guilty of getting starbucks a little too often as well. will have to try the hazelnut!


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