Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brekkie X 2, Mexican X 2

I woke up early this morning in Ojai and had a lemon zest Luna bar and a cup of coffee which was really gross. It was way too watered down; coffee done w/ a French press is so much richer. Afterwards I went to the hot springs which were really beautiful, I was disappointed to see though that people had littered a bunch there. I got a great picture, but it was accidently deleted : (

By the time I got back my family and I went to go and get breakfast at Eggs & Things. It's a cute little place w/ very traditional breakfast options. This is how I ended up eating breakfast twice, although a burrito w/ beans, avocado, & potatoes w/ a side of fruit really isn't breakfast.

Close up
I also had a few more cups of coffee (much better than my first on of the morning) & some OJ. I love this coffee cup
Pretty flower I saw, had to add it.
On my way home to Malibu, I went and stopped by this sketchy massage place in Thousands Oaks where my mom and aunt had gotten a massage before & they said it was great. I was a little hesitant, but an hour later & only after spending $40 I was super glad that I had went - they were really good. I was feeling so relaxed that I came home & passed out for a few hours.
The burrito from earlier sat in my stomach like a stone and I wasn't hungry until about 9 p.m. tonight. Weirdly enough I was craving Mexican again so I improvised.
Nacho's vegan style! I was going to go and buy tortilla chips but I decided to use some of the left over Terra root chips that I had left over from earlier in the week. On top I melted TJ's Mexican shredded soy cheese, black refried beans, homemade guac (1 small avo, diced onion, salt, & pepper), & diced tomatoes. I doused it in Tapatio before digging in.
It was delicious, I'm in a food comatose now. Perfect for staying in on a Saturday night & catching up on Lost.


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