Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picnic Time

Ahhh it feels so nice to be able to finally relax at home in bed. Longest day ever, I've been at school since 9:30 this morning until 9 tonight and about 10 1/2 of those hours were spent sitting in a cubicle studying. Crazily enough I still don't feel 100% about my humanities test tomorrow.

Surprisingly, for breakfast I did not have a Luna bar, instead I grabbed a 'protein plate' at Starbucks along with the usual ice coffee.

It had a small whole wheat bagel with a squeezable pack of Justin's Nut Butter, grapes, and a few apple slices.It also contained a hard boiled egg and cheese that I didn't eat.

It was pretty yummy- I was surprised the grapes were really crisp and the apple did not taste like it had been sitting around all day.

I took a study break around midday to meet up w/ my Advance Research class for the best final ever- a picnic! I should have taken more pictures I don't know what I was thinking. I made Caesar salad for everyone w/ the Real Food Daily vegan caesar salad dressing, organic croutons, and romaine lettuce. I also had them test out my Banana Nut Muffins which everyone seem to love : )

Also at the picnic was potato salad, chips, fruit, pita, hummus, and wraps. One of my classmates, Kyle, was super sweet and made me a vegan pita sandwich w/ tomatoes, avocado, sabra hummus, and pesto- it was insanely delicious!

Afterwards I went straight back to the library, and studied not stop until about 6 when Cami brought me my second coffee of the day. I'm still feeling pretty sick and don't have much of an appetite, so I just had some left over Caesar salad for dinner in a recycled sabra container.

Finally, I was able to come home and unwind with a big cup of peppermint tea.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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