Sunday, April 11, 2010


Since coffee is such an integral part of my life I thought I would share with you how I go about making my daily brew.
  1. First I start off with Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut coffee. Even though I know that there are much 'nicer' coffees out there and I am sure any coffee conosseiur would scold me, I always come back to my Dunkin' Donunts coffee.
  2. I make the coffee using a Bodum french press that I purchased at Starbucks. After using a regular coffee maker for years I finally made the switch and I promise you it makes all of the difference. The coffee is ten times richer, and less bitter.
  3. Add seven 7 gram scoops to the bottom of the press (the golden ratio is 2 tblspn coffee/6oz water). Traditionally you should use freshly coarse ground coffee but I just use the preground stuff.
  4. Pour in boiling water almost up to the top of the silver rim, make sure to leave about 1/2 inch of space.
  5. Wait about a minute until a crust forms on the top and then stir the coffee (ignore the bacardi & wine in the background- I swear that is not part of my morning routine!)
  6. Put the plunger on top in the upright position and wait at least 4 minutes for the coffee to brew
  7. Pour a cup, don't let it set in the press too long otherwise it will get bitter.
  8. I always add Trader Joe's vanilla soy creamer.
  9. Enjoy!!


  1. After this I think I will go make me another cup ;)

    Yummm. !!

  2. Thank you! Never really knew how to make coffee before. This will def help our around the office!

  3. candapanda! (omg is it lame that i still love calling u that?) i didn't know u had a bloggie - yay i'm gonna follow :)

  4. I just started it, i've become a foodie like you now. It's okay you can still call me candapanda, you're not the only one!

  5. omg YUM :O
    great blog too!
    loving your posts
    stop by some time xx

  6. Thanks Margaret, i'll check out your blog for sure!

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  8. so interesting blog:)))
    ...and me, I'm a coffe-addicted:))



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