Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter in Ojai

So I have decided to start a blog after about a year and half of being addicted to reading everyone else's. I am excited to see what this blog will turn into; as of now I will start with posting pictures of my daily vegan eats & other going ons in my life! I'm planning on adding an about me section soon. Bear with me as I get adjusted to this process ; )My first post will include something pretty unexpected for me, refined sugar! My family decided to rent a house up in Ojai for Easter & Spring Break so my three little sisters and I roasted marshmallows over the fire.

Up top on the left is a close up of my smore, I like mine burnt and with no chocolate. On the right is my sister summer helping me blow out my flaming marshmallow.

My other little sister Emma snuggling one of our three Chihuahuas, Paddington.

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  1. Yummy is right! Let's go to Native Foods as soon as we both get back home. Love your blog. Mom xo


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