Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hasta Luego

Cami and I had a little unplanned coffee date at Starbucks this morning. I swear soon I'm going to go back to making my own coffees in the morning and stop wasting so much plastic.

Venti ice coffee w/ sf hazlenut & soy milk
Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (my 2nd favorite Luna- tastes like desert)

Afterwards I drove all the way out to Thousand Oaks to get a mani/pedi. I love living in Malibu because it's so beautiful, but there are no practical stores here only designer clothing stores & nice restaurants. In order to get your nails done or make a run to Target you have to drive thirty minutes away to the home of everything commercial and chain-run.... Thousand Oaks. I listened to some Santigold to keep me company on the drive- she's the best, I saw her perform a year ago at a musical festival in Australia and it was outrageous.

Check out my manicure (i'll spare you from having to see my feet too). Love this color by OPI, it's a nice change for Spring & different from my usual dark colors.
One of the good things about being in T.O is that I was able to make a stop by Whole Foods. After reading about their Hot Bar from this girl, I was dying to try it.

Broccoli, marinated artichoke hearts, hummus, dolmas, lentils w/ raisins & walnuts, Indian cous cous, Moroccan lentils, & corn bread(?)
Everything was insanely delicious except for the corn bread thingy which I mistakenly thought was a falafel, it was totally inedible. I enjoyed eating this while sitting at Whole Foods and people watching, by the time I walked to the car though the weather did a 180 and it was pouring.
In the car I enjoyed some kombucha.

This was the first time that I have tried the Multi-Green flavor. Even though it completely exploded it's swamp green contents all over my face, this now may become one of my faves.
After advanced stats I came home and enjoyed this guy....

Then I started in on packing, because guess what? I'm going to Cancun manana yey!!! Pepperdine in sending me to present at the Western Psychological Association conference for research that I have been working on with faculty & some grad students. I am very excited/nervous. I also have finals the week I get back, so basically I will be lying out and memorizing flashcards when I'm not presenting and listening presentations.
I got all of my packing done (including a bunch of luna bars) & practiced for my presentation.

A little later I made dinner...

TJ's Soba Noodles. I added 1/2 peas, the rest of the chickenless chicken strips from TJ's, and the sauce I made the other night.

Very Yummy. Will be buying these soba noodles again.

Get ready for lots of pictures of Mexican food. I'm off to bed early, my flight leaves at 8 am, meaning I have to wake up at 5 am! Eek! Can't wait to be here...

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