Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Driving, driving, and more driving

I felt like I spent all day yesterday driving around. I had to drive back from Ojai to Malibu in the morning for class, and then to Thousand Oaks twice- once
to go grocery shopping at Trader Joe's & Wild Oats and then to go pick up my Mac which was getting repaired. At least I got to stock up on some food....

I know it doesn't seem like much but trust me I was starting to feel like Mother Hubbard before this much needed grocery shop. Check out this fruit bowl below, it always amazes me that these beautiful fruits come out of the earth, this photo does not do them justice.
Finally, my last trip of the day was to L.A not to do errands but to unwind at my friend Jared's house with a little bit of this...

I know I'm a weirdo to bring my own snacks to my friend's house, but I really wanted to use my new platter that I got from Target that is part of their Liberty of London collection.

Included was a party size tub of hummus (always necessary), baby carrots, Terra root chips, Ezekiel pita bread, and spicy olives from Whole Foods. My friend Jared is on the Master Cleanse so he couldn't partake in this yumminess, but my friend Cami and I snacked out on this platter for dinner as we enjoyed watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was my first time watching it, but it was great! Nice way to end a busy day.

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