Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Cure

Here is a recap of my weekend:
Friday I woke up feeling a little under the weather from the night before (too many margaritas), so I had to have my hangover cure.
Step 1:
Berocca and lots of H20. I got this Berocca from Australia and it contains lots of vitamin B and vitamin C.
Step 2: Coffee

Venti ice coffee w/ sf hazlenut & soymilk
Step 3:
Lily's burrito. Lily's has by far the best Mexican food in Malibu. It gets so busy that it's best to make your orders at least a half and hour in advance, but it is well worth the wait.Everything is made from scratch, they are best known for their breakfast burritos. This is an awful photo, but I did not have the patience to take a better one. My burrito contained beans, potatoes, rice, and avocado topped with their homemade hot sauce.

I felt 100% better after eating this and was ready for a productive day at school Afterwards I drove home to my house in Laguna Beach to spend the weekend with my family. I was so stuffed from this burrito that it was my breakfast/lunch, and I wasn't hungry until 8 that night.

Arugula, corn edamame and red pepper mix from TJ's (defrosted), and asparagus topped with hummus & a little bit of this...

TJ's Mango Ginger Chutney- sweet with a bit of a kick, I highly recommend trying it. I also snacked on some crackers & hummus.

I got to sleep in and woke up to freshly brewed coffee from mi madre. It wasn't done in a coffee press but it was still great (everything tastes better when you don't have to do it yourself.)

By the time I got dressed it was almost lunch so my sisters and I made a picnic to bring to the park. I had a sandwich w/ arugula, avocado, mustard, & tofurky, and they had PB & J.

Issy even wrote my name on the sandwich bag, look how nice her writing is!

Before we headed to the park Issy had a photo shoot. I was able to sneak a few pics of her over the photographer's shoulder. Adorable.

The park was lots of fun.

Cute pic of my hippie sister Summer below.

I was able to get some reading in too.... i'm reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, I'm usually not into action/thriller books but this one has been holding my interest.

I also drank some vita coco and had some hummus w/ crackers.

Later that night my family and I went out for dinner at O Sushi. This restaurant is new, but they have great sushi & I love the way they decorated the place.
I started out with a ginger salad and miso soup.

Then for my entree I had a veggie roll and a veggie hand roll. Yummy.


  1. pictures always making blogging more fun :) everyone back home in manila takes berocca - i didn't even know people here knew about it! haha.

  2. lily's burrito and berocca never fails. how i miss lilly buritos.. love the photo of issy its classic

  3. Berocca is the best, seriously a life saver. I always have James bring them back for me from Australia.


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