Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You may have noticed that I changed the title of my blog. Originally I named my blog what I thought was the french version of "the little carrot", which mainly stemmed from the fact that I thought it was a cute name & I love vegetables. Maybe I should have stuck w/ a language that I do know more about though, like English or Spanish, because although I lived in France at one point in my life, my grasp of the French language is close to nothing. I have not changed my domain name though, just the title at the top which I hope is correct. If it is not please let me know.
I was sooo happy when my boyfriend brought me a coffee from Starbucks today. He said that the woman working there did not understand what an iced coffee was and kept telling him that they only had an iced soy latte or a frappucino. Filtered coffee please not espresso. I'm not completely crazy, on the Australian Starbucks website they say that they offer 'iced shaken coffee'. Nevertheless I was still happy to have some caffeine.

The toaster is broken so I ate an non-toasted English muffin w/ crunchy peanut butter & honey for brekkie. I know that honey is not considered 'vegan', but I do not exclude it from my diet. I understand why many vegans object to eating honey, but I am not 100% vegan all of the time (more like 95%)... I adapt my dietary needs to my lifestyle. Plus, my primary reason for eating vegan is because of health & a general discomfort w/ eating animals... combined w/ not wanting to support the dairy & meat industries considering the way that they are currently run in America.

For lunch I grabbed a salad at the UNSW cafeteria. My salad included mixed greens w/ peas, corn, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, avocado, tofu, & pumpkin w/ balsamic vinaigrette & a piece of french bread on the side. There are sooo many options at this salad bar that I get overwhelmed when the server asks me what 7 toppings that I want; i always end up w/ a hodge podge of things.

Surprise, surprise I grabbed another coffee later on. This time I tried something a little new, an orange soy latte. It was pretty tasty & I found a little orange peel at the bottom of my cup.

For dinner I had some of last night's leftovers w/ BBQ & hummus paired w/ Promised Land Chardonnay. I just got into reading a blog about women drinking & have found it really interesting; they present a wide range of views about women drinking and have a lot of interesting contributers. I would recommend checking their blog out.

James & I have been dying to play Jenga lately so we finally stole his family's 'Jenga Xtreme' set. What ever happened to regular Jenga? Most of our time was spend just putting this complicated thing together. I knocked it over every time, oops!


  1. You're closer with the title this time but it should be "La Petite Carotte". Two T's not two R's. Close though! :)

  2. I know this doesn't really have anything to do with this particular post, but I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I used to eat Cliff bars all the time, but after reading your blog I was influenced to try the Luna ones, and the Lemon Zest is seriously like no other. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Your salad looks amazing and I always get new ideas from you blog what to read for my lunch and dinner :-) xoxoxoxoxxo

  4. Starbucks iced coffee is the best! I love the Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte lately, and it's only 90 calories for a tall! Also, that orange soy latte looks *delicious*! :)



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