Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Birthday

Yesterday was a public holiday in Australia because it was the Queen's birthday. I would say happy birthday Queen, but I found out that it is not the actual day of the Queen's birthday.... I get the feeling that it is just a good excuse to have a long weekend (like Labor Day in the States). I really don't have anything to take a break from (no school or work, just studying), but I did wake up at 4:30 AM to watch the Australia vs. Germany game. I drank tons of tea to stay up, but sadly Aus lost ; ( I went back to bed and woke up later on to have my last Luna Bar and a minature soy latte w/ honey.

Somewhere in there I munched on a banana, and then had a late lunch at a Thai restaurant at The Spot in Randwick. I had a big bowl of curry Laksa w/ veggies & tofu.

I grabbed another little latte, this time chai, before heading back to the books.

For dinner we met up w/ James' family in Maroubra where I feasted on tons of veggies. James' mom always goes out of her way to make me really yummy vegan food & she outdid herself again w/ a big salad & roasted veggies.

She was a bit disappointed that the patties that she made didn't hold together but they still tasted great, we're trying to think of a way to keep them from falling apart next time. They were made of lentils, brown rice, corn, curry, & flour.

Can't wait for leftovers today!

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