Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tiger Mottle

Tiger Mottle, refers to the 'mottled' surface of a perfect espresso extraction. More importantly the term refers to my favorite place in Paddington for breakfast located at the 5-ways. Tiger Mottle is a restored terrace that has been converted into a restaurant that serves simple breakfast & lunch, and the best coffee I have found yet in Sydney.

Everything inside is a pristine white, save for the retro vinyl covers on the wall & a wooden moose head above the fireplace which is always roaring (even though it doesn't look like it in the pic, I swear it was!).

James took me here for breakfast this morning before we headed to the library. I started off w/ a soy latte w/ honey which was especially rich & creamy. You can tell by the design on top that they really take their coffee seriously here.

For my breakfast I had the mottle muesli- toasted maple, macadamia, & pecan muesli w/ soy milk, banana, & rhubarb. Rhubarb on top of granola (or muesli as they always call it here) is amazing! I am dying to try making granola sometime soon after recently reading about how to make it on this chica's blog.

For lunch I went to the salad bar again & had a mixed green salad w/ chickpeas, pumpkin, avocado, corn, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes & sun dried tomato basil dressing. No bread for me this time. I was happy to see two fellow foodies taking pics of their salad too. Taking pics of food by yourself can be soo awkward sometimes, I'm glad to know I'm not alone ; )

Second coffee of the day. CAFEEEINE. The coffee stand on the UNSW campus always makes their coffee lukewarm, more like room temperature to be honest. I begged them to do it extra hot this time, but I think they were a bit confused because they made it w/ extra foam. Hmmmm very curious. I also ate a banana but did not take a pic, it was waaay to big & phallic looking haha.

I'll be honest my day at the library was very discouraging. I took my first GRE practice test and I did not do well at all. From there on I started freaking out about grad school, and wondering if I'll get in anywhere... I'm not even positive where I want to go at this point, I still need to research more. I just wished the GRE was based off my knowledge of psychology not random words & math that I have not studied since high school. I do not understand the logic of standardized tests. Thank God I have 2 months left to study, hopefully it will be enough : /

My dinner was equally as uninspired as I was feeling about the GRE- leftover vegan fried rice James' mom the other night that I hadn't tried yet w/ some sweet chili sauce. I also had a few bites of James' pasta that he ate for dinner. Think I'm going to take a break from studying tomorrow in hopes that it will boost my morale.


  1. wow, that place looks awesome!

  2. Hi Candace, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love the title of yours.

    A few things: Tiger Mottle looks amazing and I do not doubt that it would be one of my favorite places too if I lived near you. I could eat a breakfast like that every day. Taking pictures of your food while you’re eating alone is most definitely an awkward experience but you’ll get used to it. I used to comfort myself with the fact that I’m doing exactly what some of the most accomplished and well known food critics do... insta-cool ;). As for the GRE fun, I can’t exactly relate but I know the feeling. Try not to be so hard on yourself! You will get better and you will get into grad school... just keep swimming. G’luck!

  3. I want to learn how to make those patterns in coffee... I can't believe you got a bowl of something that looks like that out of a restaurant and not a pantry. It looks like such a cute, homey place; I love it. (also, the name is wonderful)

  4. I learned something new! Who knew about Mottle?! That coffee reminds me of the coffee at Urth Cafe with the leaf design - so pretty.


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