Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pub Food & Pokies

Last night James and I headed to the local pub across the street to have some dinner. I had the hummus & bread appetizer as my main. James had chicken schnitzel w/ chips which he eats for almost all of his meals.
Then we played the pokies (slot machines) & drank some beer (I had Stella my favorite).
By the end of the night I had won $20 bucks : ) I was really happy since I never play the pokies & only do 20 cent hits when I do, never expecting to win. That hummus appetizer was not enough for dinner so James & I gave into our cravings & ordered a bowl of chips. It was enormous! We almost split the whole thing though because we are such piglets. French fries are my one of my biggest vices.
This morning James went into the city and brought me back a Starbucks. I was soo stoked, I have been craving an ice coffee like no other. I think they have switched the Australian sizes around though because there was no way that this was a venti, and they didn't have sugar free hazelnut either. Tsk tsk Australia, you should know us Americans need ridiculous amount of coffee to get through the day.
With my coffee I had a big hunk of fruit bread from a loaf that our friend who works at a bakery gave us the other day. Mmm there is nothing like fresh bread, I have been slowly working on this loaf. Of course I topped mine with lots of vegemite.
We studied all day at the UNSW library & went to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. Their cafeteria is so much better than the one at my University. There are so many more options. I decided on a vegetable wrap w/ spinach, grilled capiscum (bell pepper), pumpkin, and eggplant.
I needed some more caffeine to get my through the day so I had a soy latte a bit later.
For dinner I finally ate at home for once, can you believe it? I have been eating out for every meal since I have arrived. I heated up some organic pumpkin soup w/ ginger....
& more fruit bread. I finished off the rest of the loaf after I finished the soup. How could I resist that carbage?


  1. I love the packaging of the soup! and of course they had pumpkin in the Uni's cafeteria! it's everywhere there....yummy!

  2. comment just got deleted. basically, the gist of the message was about how jealous these aussie posts are making me!


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