Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This morning I grabbed my usual coffee from Starbucks (venti iced coffee w/ sugar free hazlenut) along with...

a cranberry almond Kind Bar. I usually just get these bars out of convenience because they have them at Starbucks when you check out. Even though they are good they don't compare to Luna Bars which will always be my #1 choice.

My original plan was to spend all day packing and getting ready for my trip tomorrow since I will be gone for the next month. My friend Jared texted me though and told me that I had to come up to his friend's Memorial Day party in West Hollywood. I wasn't that hard to convince, and drove up to Marina Del Rey asap to go pick up Cami. How could I resist a day full of sunshine, great music, and tons of gorgeous gay boys in a beautiful house overlooking all of LA?

I packed a lunch for the drive up-
Sandwich w/ avocado, heaps of arugula, tofurky, & hummus on whole wheat bread, and some bagged veggie straws.
Cami & Me
Bryan & Me
Memorial Day Party
After Party
My friend Britton brought me my second coffee of the day to keep me going, somewhere in there I also munched some cheeseless pizza.

For dinner Cami and I decided to stop by Real Food Daily in West Hollywood. This is the first time that I had gone to this location, normally I go to the one in Santa Monica, but when Cami & I saw it on our drive to the party we knew that we would have to stop by on our way home. This location is just as nice, maybe even better because It is not as split up as the one in Santa Monica which has an upstairs and downstairs.

Cami ordered her usual (above), the grilled veggie wrap with squash, onions, sun-dried tomato pesto, lettuce, tomato, avocado, spinach tortilla w/ portabella mushroom and cashew cheese and a side Caesar salad.

I had one of their weekly specials, Buddha's Belly. Udon noodles, sweet rice croquettes, orange glazed tofu, Thai peanut sauce, napa cabbage, carrots, golden miso dressing. This tasted like a much healthier and more satisfying version of regular Thai food, plus the croquettes were seasoned heavily w/ curry which is one of my favorite spices.

Today was a great way to finish off Memorial Day Weekend, and to celebrate my last day in the States before I take off tomorrow. I even got home in time to watch Nurse Jackie & United States of Tara. Now all I have to do tomorrow is pack, pack, and pack!


  1. canda! what's the longest you've gone without coffee? forreal. xo.

  2. Can't wait to hear how BBQ'd Koala tastes!!!


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