Saturday, June 12, 2010

Laurie's Vegetarian & Paddington Markets

I fought past a group of about twenty bicyclist sitting at the Paddington Grind before I was able to get my large soy latte with honey.

Coffee in hand, I walked down the road to the Paddington Markets that take place every Saturday at the Paddington Public School. They sell lots of different food, vintage clothing & clothing made by local designers, jewelry, art, flowers, etc..

When I came home I made myself a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal w/ 1/2 banana & soy milk before heading to the UNSW library to study.

Come lunch time there were only a couple of vendors open in the cafeteria. I ended up eating Indian food and had the vegetable naan bread filled w/ lettuce, cucumber, & onion pakora.

I needed another soy latte in the afternoon to keep me going. Ughhhhh GRE studying, such a pain in the butt!

Thankfully that night James & I ventured to one of my favorite vegan friendly restaurants in Sydney- Laurie's Vegetarian in Bondi. While this restaurant primarily does take-out (eating in costs you an extra dollar), we decided to eat there.
Laurie's menu is pretty simple. There is a choice of six hot dishes (lasagne, pasta, mild chickpea curry, Mexican beans, lentil casserole and roast veggies) and five salads (cajun tofu, persian rice, two green salads, and a cous cous salad). All dishes are vegan, except for the lasagne and pasta.

I had a combination of three of their salads. Brown persian rice made w/ almonds & cinnamon, spinach salad w/ avocado, onions, & raspberry vinaigrette, and underneath it all cajun tofu w/ corn & carrots. I was so stuffed from this meal that I didn't even try their vegan sticky date pudding, next time I will for sure though.

The best thing about Laurie's is their veggie burgers. All Laurie’s burgers come with a toasted brown bun and a side of either the coleslaw or persian brown rice. You then add your choice of ‘burger’ (from tempeh, tofu, chilli bean and soy) and your choice of sauce (satay, homemade tomato, and sweet chilli). Extra condiments like cheese, guacamole and sour cream can be added. All for only $6.00 AU. You can also add a side salad for just $5 which James ended up doing after he tasted how delicious my salad was.

James had the tempeh burger w/ cheese & a mix of the sweet chili & satay sauce. I'm lucky that James loves eating vegan food, but I don't think he will trade in his beloved chicken schnitzel sandwich w/ extra mayo for a tempeh burger anytime soon.
Afterwards we visited our friend Tom while he was bar tending at the Sunset Grill & then when he got off we went to Beach Road for a few drinks w/ some friends. We were thoroughly entertained by a group of guys having dance offs w/ each other and a group of questionably underage girls w/ their bums hanging out of itsy bitsy skirts in the middle of winter. Ahhh how I love people watching.
On the way home we spotted this little guy in a tree. Who knew bats could be so cute?


  1. Ah, looks so delicious!! The bat looks creepy and cute at the same time! xoxoxoxo

  2. I love the name Paddington; that's so sweet it is a local name. Your pictures are so vibrant; it is fun to stop by!


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