Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wannabe Australian Bada**

Now I'm not really sure what the protocol is on bringing food into different countries. I'm pretty sure that it's okay to bring packaged foods with you, but I still felt like I was smuggling these Luna Bars into Australia. How could I go without my lemon zest? Sometimes being a bada** comes down to the little things. I had one for a small lunch while studying yesterday.
We took a break to get an early dinner, & went to this sketchy Japanese place at the recommendation of James' friend Joel. While the combo of a vegetable sushi roll & veggie udon noodle soup was cheap ($10 AU), I was a little irked by the sight of some floating hot-pink-dyed pieces of gelatin in my soup.
Don't worry that's not fish eggs on top, just some weird sauce.
Dinner was a bit funky but it kept me full for a long time. I munched on some chili limi cashews before bed. These were not the Trader Joe's kind but almost as good.
This morning I woke up bright & early and walked down the street to go to my daily coffee provider- The Paddington Grind. I had a soy latte w/ 2 equal & some Vegemite on turkish bread.
Yes there was butter on that bread. Yes I ate it. Bada** I know.
Like a true wannabe Australian bada**, I put some more vegemite on that turkish bread when I got home.
Afterwards, I put on my wettie (wetsuit), headed down to Maroubra beach w/ the Bra Boys, and jumped in the surf.
No way! I am not that big of a bada**. I watched James & his friends surf for a while until it started drizzling & headed to a nearby cafe to enjoy my new Ayn Rand book Atlas Shrugged and a soy chai latte. This chai latte was $5.40 AU can you believe it? redonkulous.
By the time the boys got out of the surf it was lunchtime so James & I headed to Nando's in Maroubra. I had the veg pita w/ no mayo, and hot peri-peri sauce. The little flag says "for the adventurous heat seeker".... guess that's me.
Close up
Look at all of the sauces that ended up on our table! I'm such a bada** that I'm sure you can guess that I dipped my pita in the extra, extra hot peri-peri sauce. My mouth was on fire afterwards!

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  1. Ah yummy food pictures! I just finished eating dinner and now I'm hungry again! xoxoxoxo


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