Monday, June 21, 2010


Surprisingly this morning did not start out w/ oats, but instead cereal & a long black coffee.

1 cup Special K Vanilla Almond cereal, 1/2 cup nonfat soy milk, 1/2 sliced banana

My day was pretty darn boring just studying, studying & more studying at the library. I snacked on a mix of dried fruits & nuts to keep me going. Luckily my favorite salad bar was open in the cafeteria for lunch. In my head I was planning an amazing salad w/ strawberries & walnuts, but when it was my turn to order my salad they salad informed me that they had no strawberries. Stuck w/ making a last minute decision I ended up w/ a pretty random salad...

Mixed greens w/ chickpeas, avocado, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, pumpkin, & tofu w/ balsamic vinaigrette.
Is it weird that I get pumpkin & pumpkin seeds in my salad? Guess I'm just obsessed w/ all things pumpkin.

Dinnertime is when things started to get weird. James & I went to Bondi Junction to go see a movie, Animal Kingdom, and we were expecting to grab something there but everything was closed. Much to my disdain, the only thing nearby that we could grab quickly was Oportos, a fast food restaurant that specializes in chicken (James' favorite). I am not a fan of fast food & it has been ages since I have eaten at a fast food restaurant. I thought I was really smart when I asked them to replace the chicken on the green salad w/ the veggie patty. Our dinner was ready in a minute & I stuffed our Oporto bag into my purse and we ran quickly to the theatre to not miss the start of our movie. As I was munching away in the dark of the movie theater I thought that my salad seemed a bit creamy. I told myself that it was just the avocado that they added; my taste buds have been shot the past couple of days due to a cold & I haven't been able to taste much of anything. Upon throwing away my trash at the end of the movie though I read on top of the salad container that the dressing was mayonnaise... yes MAYO, the kind w/ eggs in it that I have disliked way before I was even vegan.
Errr, frustrating. I guess this is what happens when you try to eat vegan at a fast food restaurant
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  2. ah! Bummer about the dinner :( But your lunch salad looks incredible! I actually really like the idea of adding pump. Hope you have a great week

  3. Tasty stuff!

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