Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bread + lettuce+ hummus

As much as I love eating out, after awhile I start to feel a little guilty about spending all of that money & I usually always eat healthier when I cook for myself. So this time instead of buying lunch at the UNSW cafeteria like I have been doing lately, I decided to pack a lunch to bring to the library.
Mixed nuts & dried fruit, a banana, & an english muffin sandwich w/ mixed lettuce, avocado, tomato & hummus.
Before leaving the house though I had a big bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal w/ soy milk.
Then before getting down to studying I of course needed some caffeine so I went to the coffee stand on campus & grabbed a soy latte w/ hazelnut syrup.
The coffee warmed me up a bit & gave me the kick I needed to hit the books.
I think James needed to coffee more than I did though!
That night once I got home I made myself a salad w/ mixed lettuce, steamed broccoli & corn, & hummus w/ a piece of Lebanese bread.
After a long day of studying we needed to blow off some steam so first James & I went to the Paddington Inn across the street from us & then we took the bus down to Bondi where we had some drinks w/ a bunch of James' guy friends at the Beach Road Hotel. Afterwards we ended up at the White Revolver to celebrate our friend's birthday. We danced a bunch & there was an open tab so....
I had some champagne ; )
Once I got home I had the late night munchies so I made a little snack wrap w/ lettuce & hummus in rotti bread. I just realized that all of my eats for the day were a variation of the same thing- bread + lettuce + hummus. Go figure.


  1. You eat so healthy!! I definitely need to eat like that more! You and your boyfriend makes a really cute couple by the way! xoxoxoxoo

  2. Aw thank you ; ) I eat healthy most of the time but sometimes I have a few bad days too haha


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