Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tortilla Overdose

Today was a super weird eating day for me consisting of copious amounts of tortilla &more processed food than I am comfortable with.
The day started out normal with a few cups of coffee w/ soy creamer as I was getting ready.
I should have known that it was going to be a day of odd eating habits when I craved a sandwich for breakfast.
Tofurky, arugula, soy cheese, mustard, & vegenaise on Ezekiel bread.
Although the last thing I felt like was more Mexican food, considering I think I have eaten Mexican food almost everyday this past week, I didn't really have a choice. After visiting my gma at the hospital, my gpa & mom wanted to eat lunch at Coyote Grill and I had to comply. The three of us munched on chips, guac, and salsa.
Since I wasn't all that hungry I just ordered a side of black beans and corn tortillas which I thought would be a small lunch. 5 corn tortillas and big bowl of black beans later I was completely stuffed.
Afterwards I hung out w/ my sistas Emma and Summer and we visited the community garden in our neighborhood. People and families rent out small little plots of land here where they can plant flowers and vegetables. It's a communal garden so people from the community volunteer and they have workshops where kids can learn about planting. They also have parties where everyone makes food and shares their produce : )
Aw look at the cute little strawberry
I wish my family had a garden plot, but currently all of them are taken. I'm keeping my eye out for now, and a little birdie told me that they are planning on making the garden larger so there is hope.
For dinner I made my sisters soy cheese quesadillas and french fries. I was planning on making myself something else but i couldn't resist stealing a few pieces of quesadilla from them.
Of course then I had to go and make my own beefed up quesadilla. This time w/ avo too, and a brocslaw salad on the side all doused in Tapatio.
Mmm gooey deliciousness.
I felt really sick after this meal and had an awful stomachache. In total honestly today I had about 6 tortillas and tons of soy cheese, and almost no veggies. Sometimes these things happen and I am definitely feeling the consequences right now of eating like a 6 year old all day : /

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