Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playing Mommy

A sad turn of events has led my grandma to take a trip to the ICU where she is currently staying for hopefully only the next few days. Ironically she is going through a very similar thing that I went through during Christmas time so I completely understand how miserable she is feeling : ( Because my grandma is in the hospital my mom has been playing mom to my grandma and taking care of her while I have been holding up the fort at home w/ my sisters & all of the animals.
Yesterday was a snacking day for me while I ran in between the hospital visiting my grandma & taking care of the kiddos.
First I downed some coffee...we ran out of soy creamer so I had it black
Then I snacked on a peanut butter Luna Bar in the ER waiting room...
Then I came home & made myself my version of a "snack wrap". Arugula, hummus, a sliced roma tomato, vegenaise, jalapenos, & mustard wrapped in tortilla...
Post wrappage & snackage
Somewhere in the day I snacked on lime & chili cashews...
Afterwards I took Summer & Isabella down to the beach and we munched on some hummus & tortilla chips while we read and sunbathed...
Summer reading Anne Frank in my sunnies
Issy & me snuggling in the sun
For dinner the girls and I dinned at my favorite local Thai food restaurant Laguna Thai By The Sea. It is really tiny and usually packed but we got there at the perfect time & did not have to wait. Issy wanted to wear a satin pink dress, a faux fur shawl, & pink lipstick. I just went w/ it.
When mama's away the cats will play
I had the Yum JJJ (not a typo) salad. Soft grilled tofu tossed in spicy lime, cashews with glass noodles and vegetables.
Afterwards I went and took dinner to my gpa & madre in the hospital & came home to take care of the girls.
This morning I woke up bright and early to visit my gma in the hospital & bring her mother's day presents. Thankfully she is doing much better today & loved her presents from me and the girls. I then dragged my mom out of the hospital (she had only slept an hour the night before) and we met the rest of the family at my mom's favorite restaurant where we have spent the past 4 mother's days.
Ricardo's in San Juan Capistrano.
At 9'am in the morning the last thing I wanted was Mexican food again, so I only ordered a mimosa and black coffee.
As soon as everyone else's food arrived though my love for Mexican food kicked in and I stole food from everyone's plates, including a tortilla w/ salsa, beans, & guac...
and of course chips and salsa.
Now i'm feeling completely stuffed and am laying in bed taking a nap w/ mi madre celebrating mother's day by napping.
Please send all of your prayers & thoughts to my Grandma for a speedy recovery.


  1. Thinking of you and your grandmother :-)

  2. you and the sissy's r so cute. wishing your gma a speedy recovery! xo.

  3. thanks you guys, checked on her today and she is doing much better


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