Thursday, May 27, 2010

118 Degrees

It has been soo long since I've gotten my usual Starbucks drink. Venti ice coffee w/ sugar free hazelnut syrup. I forgot just how quickly I slurp these drinks down. I swear it always seems like ice coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee. Even though that doesn't really make sense, I always seem to get a buzz after drinking ice coffee whereas w/ regular hot coffee I don't. Weird.

Late last night as I browsed blogs I read about this restaurant 118 degrees on quarry girl, and I realized that it was the same restaurant I have seen a million times while eating at Native Foods and visiting the tattoo shop at The Camp in Costa Mesa. I have always admired the cool wood exterior but I had never ventured inside. I had to go check it out when I heard that it wall all organic, dairy-free, raw, and eco-friendly.

After picking my sis Isabella up from school we decided to venture out to Costa Mesa to check out 118 degrees. The three of us sat at the bar and were immediately impressed by the large selection of drinks ranging from fresh juices & smoothies to coffee & tea. Issy had the Mango Madness 6 with fresh mango, banana, maca root, bee pollen, and orange juice topped w/ a rasberry puree.

OMG this was delicious. It tasted like a tropical cocktail minus the alcohol and much healthier. My mom and I both had the electrolyte lemonade 5 which was reminiscent of the lemonade you drink during the master cleanse except much yummier. It was made w/ coconut water, lemon juice, and agave (you can have it w/ cayenne pepper too). So refreshing, I want to make my own version at home sometime.

We started out with fried avocado mini-tostada 6.

Crispy buckwheat shell, spicy peppita sauce, chopped spinach, cilantro, corn, and fried avocado. The fried avocado was deliciously breaded and the sauce was super creamy.

For my main I had the lemon pesto pasta 10 with lemon pesto sauce, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, and fresh basil. This was my first time every having zucchini pasta and once again I was surprised how creamy the sauce was. I really need to buy a spiraler so I can make some zucchini pasta of my own.

My mom had the baja burrito 12 with marinated mushrooms, spinach, corn, red bell pepper, cilantro, salsa and spicy cheese topped w/ sour cream, and guacamole. I stole a few bites & it was great (almost as good as my pasta!)

While the food tasted insane there were a few let downs. Firstly they forgot to bring out the appetizer and it didn't arrive until after our main courses. Secondly the service was really slow. Both of these first 2 issues were excusable because the food was so good, but the main problem was that both my mom and I have felt really sick all day long afterwards : ( My stomach has ben killing me, and is still grumbling as I write this (and we ate like 10 hours ago).

Trying to calm down my upset stomach I munched on a couple of simple carbs...

peanut butter filled pretzels & ...

a 100 calorie whole wheat roll.

My stomach stopped bugging me for a bit so I was able to enjoy some vegan margarita pizza from Z Pizza. This soy cheese is so deceiving it really tastes like the real deal.

I had this below pieces plus too many more pieces Just to give you an idea of how much pizza I ate my mom and I almost split this entire medium pizza! Ahh I could almost kill my friend Tara for introducing me to this pizza, it just tastes way to good.

I'm going to go much on a few Tums now and hopefully get rid of this stomachache!


  1. hope your tum feels better, miss!
    otherwise, that all looks fantastic! and wow - vegan pizza :O
    thanks for the gorgeous birthday wishes missy!

  2. i literally love this food diary of yours. the vegan pizza looks like a REAL CHEESE pizza - does it taste just as good? be honest ;)

    ps - yep, official move to manila!


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