Monday, May 10, 2010

Short but Veggielicious

After snacking off everyone's plates at Mother's day brekkie and then napping w/ mi madre, I was pretty full for the rest of the day. Later in the afternoon though I did make an appearance at Starbucks and took weird pics of my coffee hanging out in the fruit aisle...
Afterwards I ran some errands and picked up a new book since I finished my last one in a day and 1/2. I love having time to read now that I'm on a break from school. I just finished Some Girls. My Life in Harem. I'm not sure if I would normally pick up his book, but the woman working at the bookstore raved about how it is such a great read. I found it very entertaining and hard to put down; an interesting look at how some women end up working in the sex industry. Of course I starting reading the author Jillian Lauren's blog afterwards too, and she is not the stereotype most people would think her to be, but rather she is pretty smart and quite the feminista.

When I came home later after visiting my grandma this evening (who is doing much better thanks for keeping her in your thoughts) I was starving. I quickly steamed up some veggies & added them to last nights left over white rice from Thai food. I'm not a fan of white rice because it has no nutritional value whatsoever, but I just needed some quick carbs to complement my veggies.
white rice topped w/ steamed broccoli, baby carrots, & sugar snap peas sprinkled w/ chili flakes and....
TJ's Island Soyaki. This stuff is great poured on top of anything, and also for marinating veggies or tofu (or meat if your into that thing).
Later I was still craving more vegetables so I had the last of my baby carrots and tomatoes w/ 2 types of hummus: TJ's mediterranean hummus & homemade hummus that my mom's friend brought over the other night.
The rest of my night has been spent making lunches for the girls tomorrow, watching Desperate Housewives w/ them, making invitations for an upcoming dinner party that I am hosting, and stressing out about applying for Grad school & taking the GRE. Even when I'm on break it seems like I can always find something to stress about. Do you ever feel truly stress free? For me as hard as I try not to, I am always planning something and It's difficult for me not to think about the next thing I need to check off on my to do list.

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