Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Night Dinner

Believe it or not my morning did not start out with Starbucks. I know Patti you must be shocked! I was woken up by my mom w/ soy Latte from cafe Vienna.
Breakfast didn't take place (maybe because when I woke up it was already 10), so by lunch time I was ravenous. Thankfully we went to my all time favorite vegan restaurant Native Foods. Whether or not you are vegan you have to go there, even my carnivorous boyfriend and mom have been converted into Native Food addicts. Today we went to their location in Aliso Viejo.
They have a great selection of fresh juices w/ free refills. My mom & I always OD on the watermelon juice.

Isabella had french fries
My mom had the Tijuana Tacos
"two soft grilled corn tortillas filled with Native taco meat, Native cheese, salsa fresca, lettuce and guacamole"
I have this weird habit where I never order the same thing twice in an attempt to try everything on the menu. As of now there are only a few things left that I have yet to try. This time I had the Soy Amigo Taco Salad.
"A blend of romaine, cabbage, Native Taco A blend of romaine, cabbage, Native Taco Meat, and salsa fresca. Topped with corn, green onion, cilantro, tortilla chip croutons. Served with our original creamy chipotle dressing on the side"
This was delicious, I was not surprised though because honestly everything that I've tried at Native Foods has been really good.
Even though I was stuffed after eating this lunch, only a couple of hours later I ended up eating again because I promised my little sisters that I would pick them up from school and bring them to Sprinkles cupcakes.
My sister Emma is such a sweetheart she has been dying to take me here ever since she found out that they now serve vegan cupcakes. Even though I am not much of a sweets person I have always been a Sprinkles fan- I am a sucker for all of their modern packaging & cute decor.
Vegan red velvet cupcake. I love the V on top, adorable.
Post first bite!
After running around all day w/ mi madre later we went to dinner at my grandma's house. The tradition in our family is to have dinner every Monday at my grandparent's house along with my uncle and my little baby cousin Savannah. I haven't been to a Monday night dinner in ages, so it was nice to catch up w/ the fam and my grandma made vegan food for me.

We munched on some watermelon & drank chardonnay while waiting for dinner.

Check out this delicious spread. Everyone but me had homemade french chicken pot pie done w/ a white wine sauce and phyllo dough
crusty bread

Salad w/ avo, onions, tomatoes
roasted veggies (peppers, potatoes, carrots, garlic cloves, eggplant)
This was my plate (with lots of 2nds).
It was a great dinner, thanks grandma!


  1. sprinkles! how did u like the vegan red velvet? i've had it once. and i've had the gluten free one as well... the vegan is better.


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